The Association of Practising Pathologists

The VILAC Programme

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Dr. Subodh Gupta (President)
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Association of Practising Pathologists

The VILAC Programme

APP Histo-Cyto Group - 2021

Rules and Regulations

  • We propose to have 2 cycles in the year 2021 which under normal circumstances will be in the months of June - July & September - October.
  • Member will receive / share PT material which will consist of 5-6 histopathology/ cytopathology slides, microphotographs, chromatographs etc
  • Member will HAVE TO SUBMIT DIAGNOSIS OR DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS of material sent by Email.
  • Summary of opinions submitted by participants will be circulated before the final discussion.
  • Efforts will be made to club APPHisto-Cyto Group discussion results ONLINE or in Quarterly meeting of APP
  • In addition to above-mentioned activities efforts will be made to organize workshops on relevant topics.
  • Since this is a collective efforts of members interested in Histopathology & Cytopathology members are requested to contribute interesting cases.
  • You are requested to fill the Application form (for participation in the year 2021) and send it to "The Association of Practising Pathologists" to Dr. Neeraj Jain, Secretary APP, C/o Jain Diagnostics, A-2/194, Paschim Vihar (Near Police Station) New Delhi 110063 Tel: 9313679026, 9810492621.